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Health Lottery Results – Free

The Health Lottery Results iPhone application is our latest app to be released for Free!

With this simple and easy to use application, users can now check their Health Lottery tickets instantly to see if they having a winning ticket.

Furthermore the application allows you to store your tickets and it will even automatically check your tickets against all the draws to easily notify you if you have a winning ticket.

Checking your lottery results has never been easier especially with our Automatics Updates and checking feature.


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We have been providing reliable UK Web Hosting for our clients for over 7 years at One Smart

Over fours years experience in building iOS (iPhone / iPad) mobile apps, specialising in business solutions and consumer applications.

With over 10 years experience of web development, I have a strong understanding of PHP, MySQL and have worked on many projects big and small for a large variation of clients, I am also passionate about MODx CMS and can be actively seen helping out in the community.
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